Christian Sexuality Resource for Parents

Mount Zion Students has purchased an incredible resource for you titled Christian Sexuality: Conversations Surrounding Sex, Jesus, & Gender.

This resource teaches from a traditional biblical view of God’s authority and design for love and sex. It will give you the confidence to discuss difficult topics with your student such as porn, same-sex sexuality, and dating.

It is video driven and allows you to cover these topics in your own home and at your own pace and with your own discretion.

This resource teaches from a traditional view and has been vetted by me and pastors Scott and Jody.  It is faithful to what the Bible teaches about this important topic.  It covers topics ranging from God’s authority, love, design for sex, porn, same-sex sexuality, and more.

Click here to watch the trailer video!

We are making this study available to you to teach because, to be honest, your voice in your child’s life is way more important than mine. Study after study confirms this truth. Contrary to how you may feel as a parent, you are the most influential person in your student’s life.  It is your values and beliefs on this topic that will make the greatest impact on your students beliefs and values.

Parents, if you are silent in this area, it can communicate that sex and sexuality are unimportant, inherently shameful, or that the Bible is silent or irrelevant on this topic. We know your student(s) will benefit from your voice being heard. Your voice matters! 

To access this resource, please send an email to saying, “I want access to the Christian Sexuality parent log-in!” 

We have limited log-ins, so this will help us determine if we have enough or need to order more.

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