MZS Summer Kick Off Party 2020

MZS will be gathering for our summer kick off party on Wendesday, May 27th, at 6:30pm on the ball field at Mount Zion.  This will be our first time back together since March 11 and we are excited to see everyone again!  The night will include a cookout with burgers and dogs, games, music, and we will enjoy our time together.

Regarding the threat of corona virus and community spread:  Masks will not be necessary, but they will be available, we will have gloves/hand sanitizer out, and we will ask everyone to practice social distancing.  With that being said, if your student has been exposed to someone with COVID symptoms, or has exhibited symptoms themselves, or if you are not comfortable with your student participating in group activities just yet, please keep them at home.  Additionally if your student has regular exposure to an older family member or anyone that is vulnerable to COVID 19 it may be best that they do not participate in large group activates. We are trying to balance the desire of everyone to see each other again with the safety measures the pandemic requires.


Should weather prevent us from meeting outside we will not meet and reschedule this event for next week.

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