2018 StudentLife Camp

CAMP IS AWESOME!!  It’s a fun week in student’s lives where they experience a new level of worship and often meet with God in a fresh way and this year.  MZS has reserved a week at StudentLife camp for June 25-29, which is the same week that our children’s ministry will be at their camp.

Most camps require a deposit from churches by Feb 1, StudentLife is no different.   So, we need a commitment from you in the form of a $50 deposit by Jan 28.  (We need a minimum of 15 students to commit to go, if we don’t receive 15 commitments, we will cancel the trip.)

Mount Zion Students never wants to let money keep a kid from an event or activity.  We have generous people here that are willing to help scholarship students and offer them to families with multiple kids.  Please reach out to Donnie if a scholarship would help you get your kids to camp.  God can make it happen!

Check out “Student Life Rec Camp” on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/238782398

Summer Camp for Middle and High School Students.
When: June 25 – June 29.
Where: Wake Forest University, Wake Forest NC
Cost: $329

Submit this form with a $50 deposit by Jan 28 and camp is $299- save $30!
Registration closes on March 28
All balances are due June 10

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