Parenting teenagers can be intimidating, exciting, fun, and scary all at the same time. This site is here to assure that you are not alone and to provide you with info and resources to help you in this phase of life.  I hope that is encouraging to you that this is a phase.  You can look at that in two ways:

First, you can be encouraged that it is temporary and not going to last forever.  In fact, for most of us, it goes by way too fast.

Or, this can be a reality check that your time with your kids is winding down and there’s a lot left for you as a parent to do.

Whichever way you look at it, know that Mount Zion is right there with you! And this site is just one of the ways we want to partner with you to raise devoted followers of Christ!

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Christian Sexuality Resource for Parents

Mount Zion Students has purchased an incredible resource for you titled Christian Sexuality: Conversations Surrounding Sex, Jesus, & Gender. This resource teaches from a traditional biblical view of God’s authority and design for love and sex. It will give you the confidence to discuss difficult topics with your student such as porn, same-sex sexuality, and dating. … Continue reading Christian Sexuality Resource for Parents

SURGE Weekend

SURGE weekend is almost here and we are getting ready for a great weekend.   During this awesome weekend your students will learn and worship together while deepening their relationships with each other and with God.  Students spend the night at host homes (provided by MZ church families) in grade and gender groups with 6-12 other … Continue reading SURGE Weekend

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